Omer Barouch

Government incentives
financing and credit / municipal space
R&D and Innovation – the Innovation Authority

  • Accompaniment for accessibility of applications to the Mofet Fund
  • Grants in the R&D Track in traditional industries
  • The Magnet and Magnetron projects – R&D
    in conjunction with the academia.
  • Consulting and accompaniment of international R&D programs.
  • R&D Preparatory course in traditional industries

Consulting on the topic of financing and credit

  • Long term loan funds – replacement of equipment
    under special terms and conditions.
  • Circulating capital loans funds
  • Loans from extra-bank financing entities
  • Fund for businesses in distress.
  • Investment funds

Consulting with the Investments Authority

  • Investment grants – machinery, buildings and equipment.
  • Employment grants for taking on new employees.
  • Reduced companies tax – preferred enterprise.
  • Benefits for indirect exporters and subcontractors

Municipal Space

  • Accompaniment in expanding / translocating the factory, locating structures and allocating land for industry.
  • Municipal rates and taxes, levies and fees – examination and reducing costs.
  • Water and sewage – examining utility bills and consumer arrangements.
  • Assistance in obtaining a business license and Fire Dept. requirements.