Chemical Pharmaceutical and Environmental Industries Association

Approximately 220 factories in the different fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and the environment are members of the Association of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Industries.

The association’s members represent the following branches:

Chemicals – basic and designated chemicals, industrial gas, detergents, and cleaning materials

Health – medications for human use, medications, biotechnology, medical equipment

Petrochemicals – fuels, oil and oil refinement, gas and fuel, including natural gas, gas and oil exploration

Environment – environmental technology (cleantech), waste management, alternative fuel, sewage treatment plants

Agriculture – fertilizers, plant protection, veterinary preparations

The association’s activities include: representing and promoting the interests of its members in dealings with government authorities, positioning the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the Israeli public’s awareness, creating a supportive business environment for the chemical industry, promoting cooperation between cleantech enterprises and traditional factories, and dealing with the authorities to represent the interests of the cleantech industry as a whole.

The association also provides individual consulting services for members, advances business opportunities, disseminates information and updates about environmental topics, holds conferences, workshops and day seminars, organizes image-enhancing activities, and conducts economic studies to examine the feasibility of plans to advance industry in this sector.

Chairman: Nitzan Moshe, EVP, ICL Operations.  ICL