College of Management in Industry

The College of Management in Industry is the management training center of the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel. Its purpose is to strengthen the business activities of its members by helping them develop their skills and deepen their knowledge in a wide range of fields.

The college holds and provides a wide variety of trainings, seminars, courses, workshops and conferences intended for CEOs, CFOs, VPs of operations, purchasing managers, and marketing managers. The trainings intended purpose is to provide these individuals with the tools and skills necessary to improve their professionalism and managerial prowess in their fields of activity.

The events and trainings are held in cooperation and under the guidance of leading professional bodies in the economy such as accounting firms, law firms, academic bodies, professional consulting firms, government units, and more. Each event and training is tailored to target the needs of specific target audiences in the industry.

Most of the activities are offered as a service at no cost or at a subsidized price to the members of the association.


Biana Mandel


Biana Mandel

Role: Manager of the College of Management in Industry

Address: Hamered Street 29 Tel Aviv

Phone: +972-52-8619009