Kibbutz Industry Association

The Kibbutz Industries Association As part of Manufacturers Association of Israel represents, assists andKibbutz Industry Association promotes Kibbutz Industry, which is the main economic infrastructure of the kibbutzim.

The Kibbutz Industries Association, which was established in 1962, is the umbrella organization representing more than 250 industrial enterprises in kibbutzim, collective moshavim and regional enterprises, which are located across the country, mostly in the peripheral areas.

Kibbutz Industry focuses mainly on traditional manufacturing industries , which are characterized by the loyalty and commitment of the employees. By means of accelerated development of exports, innovation and high level management, the Kibbutz Industries Association caters for the common interests of kibbutz industrial enterprises and represents them in public institutions and in various economic institutions in the economy. 

The Kibbutz Industries Association is involved in economic processes in the country relating to industry and supports the process of growth and renewal