Manufacturers Association of Israel

The Manufacturers Association (MAI) has served as an umbrella organization for industrialists in Israel for more than 100 years. The MAI and its members have led the economy since the early days of Israel, guiding Israel towards its current technological power and economic prosperity. Israeli industry plays a key role in all spheres of life, ranging from defense, immigrant absorption and support for outlying regions of the country, to substantial investment in education and the community, and much more.
More than 1,500 organization and industrial plants, some employing up to 400,000 workers, are members of the MAI. Members benefit from a wide range of support and services, from the national level all the way down to day-to-day operation at the factory level.
The MAI provides strong backing for manufacturers of all kinds and serves all branches of industry: Hi-Tech, textiles, fashion, chemical, pharmaceuticals, environment, food, metal, electrical, infrastructure, consumer products, and even Kibbutzim.
Unified as one entity, MAI members represent the leading economic power in the nation. The MAI actively participates in decisions made at all levels of government, particularly focusing on issues that affect the macro-economic environment in which its constituents do business. The MAI constantly engages with leaders in the domestic and global economy and serves as a bridge between Israel’s industry and global economic systems. The MAI also represents employers in their dealings with the Histadrut Labor Federation and the government, with an emphasis on business environment improvement and the development Israeli industry. Over the years, it has also played an important role in shaping labor relations and creating appropriate and effective communication channels. The President of the MAI also chairs the Presidency of Employers and Businesses, the umbrella organization of employers’ organizations in Israel
The MAI is home to forums and committees for cross-organizational and departmental issues. The industrialists who participate in these forums guide the activities and policy of the association.

Ron Tomer, President of the MAI
Ruby Ginel, Managing Director of the MAI