Jerusalem Branch

The Jerusalem Branch of the Manufacturers Association of Israel represents industry in the region of Jerusalem and its environs. It works to expand industry in Israel’s capital and improve conditions for factories in the area, as well as represent their interests to municipal and government authorities.

More than 130 factories operate in the region.

The Jerusalem Branch works in close cooperation with entities involved in the economic and industrial affairs of the city, including government authorities and companies, statutory committees, academic institutions and colleges, the industrial administrations, and of course, the municipal administration of Jerusalem and its environs.

The Jerusalem Branch offers its members a range of services: professional meetings and study days, representation of its members’ interests to the municipal authorities regarding general and municipal taxes, as well as projects for the advancement of industry, employment, and the business environment.

The branch directorate is comprised of senior industrialists who serve as public representatives on a voluntary basis. The chairman and directorate are elected democratically by the general assembly of the MAI.

Branch chairman: Avi Ben Hamo, CEO, MS Aluminum


Galit Levy


Galit Levy

Role: Branch Manager

Address: HaRav Kuk Street 12 Jerusalem

Phone: +972-2-6256106