Northern Branch

The Northern Branch of the Manufacturers Association of Israel serves the Haifa region and the northern region of the country and includes close to 600 factories and companies, employing about one third of all the industrial manpower in Israel.

These factories belong to more than 70 municipal authorities and 30 industrial parks in the area between Hadera and Kiryat Shmona , Nahariya and the Golan Heights.

The Northern Branch actively promotes the interests of industry in the North, by creating an attractive, supportive environment that will encourage the establishment and development of factories in the region.

The MAI Northern Branch is active in supporting industry in the North and offers its members a comprehensive range of macro and micro-level services that are accessible to factories in the North and address a variety of issues.

The branch directorate is comprised of 26 senior industrialists who serve as public representatives on a voluntary basis. The chairman and directorate are elected democratically every two years by the general assembly of the MAI.

Branch chairman: Eli Gan, Owner and CEO, Mol HaHar Pojects Ltd. 


Roi Israeli


Roi Israeli

Role: Branch Manager

Address: Ba'alei Melacha Street 18 Haifa

Phone: +972-4-8524202