Southern Branch

The Southern Branch of the Manufacturers Association of Israel was established in order to play an active role in the economic development of the South, to promote industry, and to serve as a home base for manufacturers in the South, protecting the interests of industry and MAI members.

The Southern Branch acts as an operational arm of the MAI in relations with municipal and government officials in the region bounded by Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat, the southern end of the Dead Sea and southwards down to Eilat.

More than 350 factories operate in this region.

The branch provides ongoing assistance to factories in all issues facing them either by offering a solution at the local branch level or, if necessary, by making MAI services accessible to them. It also helps to recruit and train professional manpower.

The branch directorate is comprised of 15 senior managers who serve as public representatives on a voluntary basis and formulate branch policy. The chairman and directorate are elected democratically every two years by the general assembly of the MAI.

Branch chairman: Amir Hadas, CEO, TAMZ Tire Recycling Industries


Nir Shor


Nir Shor

Role: Branch Manager

Address: HaGoren Street 6 Omer Industrial Park

Phone: +972-8-6466705