Textile and Fashion Industries Association

The Association of Textile and Fashion Industries at the MAI is an innovative professional organization that promotes the growth and development of Israel’s textile and fashion industries. The association has around 100 members, who represent the different branches of the textile industry: home textiles, military/security textiles, underwear, fashion chain stores, designers, non-woven fabrics, and raw materials.

The association was founded to develop and support the textile and clothing industries, and to protect and advance the interests of its members. It strives to project a positive image of the sector, an innovative and high-quality industry that is based on advanced technology, able to compete in international markets. The association encourages and facilitates friendly relations between manufacturers and reinforces the cultural attachment to the world of textiles and fashion in Israel. Association members are elected to represent the association in various MAI committees, representing the sector’s interests to economic decision makers.

The association assists it members in all areas connected with the textile and fashion industries, at both the individual factory level and the branch level, working to protect local industry.

The association is headed by a public directorate made up of manufacturers who are members of the association.


Mia Hershkovitz


Mia Hershkovitz

Role: Director of the Textile and Fashion Industries Association

Address: Hamered Street 29 Tel Aviv

Phone: +972-3-5198855