Eyal Proveller, Adv.

StandardsEyal Proveller, Adv.

  • Representation on the standards committee
    of the Israeli and international Standards Institutes and ETSI
  • Full financing of subsidizing participation
    in international standards committees.
  • Promoting standards in the field of cyber protection,
    biometry, smart cities, communications, etc.
  • Assistance in promoting revisions in existing standards
    and writing new standards.
  • Assistance in obtaining exemptions from compliance with the standard.
  • A standards mark system and preventing the cancellation of the permit.
  • Reduction of costs in the standards ambit.
  • Holding meetings between industrial factories and representatives of the Standards Institute, the Ministry of Economics and Industry and the rest of the relevant entities in the standards ambit.
  • Submitting complaints to the Ministry of Economics and Industry - Contraventions of the Standards Law.
  • Submitting current information. Standards that have been submitted for public scrutiny, changes in procedures, guidelines issued by the Administrator regarding declarations / formal removals and changes in import groups.