Dr Yoel Augusto Levi (1963-1965)

Dr Yoel Augusto Levi was born in Italy in 1888 and studied law in Milan. He was active in the Zionist Movement in Italy and chaired the local Zionist Federation. In 1938, he immigrated to pre-state Israel together with his family and joined the ranks of the Hagana. He then made a career change and became involved in industry and the economic life of the country.Dr Yoel Augusto Levi (1963-1965)

One of his achievements was the organization of the Bank Discount Investment Corporation, of which he was appointed CEO. His friendship with Arye Shenkar led him to the MAI, and he became a member of the executive committee and chairman of the legal department. In 1964, he was appointed chairman of the academic directorate
of Tel Aviv University.

He became president of the MAI after Avraham Kalir resigned and members of the association begged him to take up the post. During his term of office, he focused on developing hi-tech industries and improving Israeli industry’s competitiveness vis-à-vis foreign industry. He also strove to foster good work relations
with the Histadrut Labor Federation.
Dr Yoel August Levi died in 1975.