Metal, Electrical and Infrastructure Industries Association

Approximately 500 factories, which manufacture a wide range of products, using diverse technologies, belong to the Association of Metal, Electrical and Infrastructure Industries. These industries range from huge companies that manufacture dozens of products and employ thousands of people to family businesses that produce goods for the local market only.

The association endeavors to improve the business environment for metal, electric and infrastructure producers at all levels: across-the-board, sectorial and individual. Its professional forums bring together manufacturers with common interests and provide impetus to progress and activities relevant to the industry.

Members of the association represent the following branches:

Aviation and security – aircraft and aircraft parts, sailboats, tanks, missiles, weapons and ammunition

Subcontractors and industrial accessories – saws and drills, pipe parts, cutting electrodes, electronic enclosures, and turning

Construction and infrastructure – iron for reinforced concrete, pipes, electricity and communication cables, electricity boxes, windows and doors, valves, elevators, transformers, metal constructions, and barriers

Investment property and machines – containers, silos, transportation vehicles, generators, production and conveyor systems, packing and weighing machines, lifting machines, compressors, pumps, and desalination apparatus

Automobile products – military and civilian vehicles, fire trucks, tankers, bus bodies, truck containers, car batteries, radiators, air and fuel filters, bearings, valves, and engine reconditioning

The association is headed by a public directorate made up of manufacturers who are members of the association.

Chairman: Yossi Ashkenazi - CEO Dakrim