Building Materials and Consumer Goods Industries Association

The Association of Building Materials and Consumer Goods Industries has about 350 members from some of the largest companies and factories in the country and includes the following branches: building materials, rubber and plastic, printing and publishing, stone (marble), paper and paper products, furniture and wood products, cosmetics, cement, milling and grains, shoes and tanning, quarry materials, and toys. The association also includes a construction division.

The association offers the industry solutions to the challenges facing both the individual manufacturer and the branch as a whole.

Its objective, first and foremost, is to advance the economic interests of its members and to provide for the specific needs of each sub-branch, using a wide range of services offered by the association on the sectorial level and by the MAI on a broader level.

Chairman: Udi Ben Uri, CEO, Orbond Gypsum and Gypsum Products Ltd.